Translating inner knowledge into tangible form…

A little bit about conscious art making practices

This is when "art" becomes a verb. An action. Conscious art practice, a form of expressive art, differs from standard artmaking in the approach. It’s all about meaning, and using creativity as a nourishing practice for working with personal material. Every activity, painting, drawing or creative challenge, and all group practices, are designed to elicit authentic inquiry on the part of the artmaker(s)

process artists paint collaboratively

process artists paint collaboratively

This type of artmaking process is a hands-on approach to direct sensing, internal observation, deep inquiry, and self-reflection.
It’s a non-linear, non-verbal process.
Participants create from the heart and body-mind, responding to guided meditations, prompts and questions. This process allows people to investigate what is within, rather than attempting to render what they see outside themselves visually, physically. It’s about giving form to what we know, rather than trying to duplicate how our mind thinks things are.

transformative art offerings...


Creative inquiry: 1+1

Individual one-on-one mentoring

This is an active one-on-one process utilizing artmaking as a tool for inquiry and healing. Margaret guides the inquirer through a series of customized activities which support the investigation of a specific issue or a question. Activities may include guided meditation, painting, drawing, kinesthetic interaction with artpieces, and conversation. Sessions are usually approximately 1.5 hours, and may consist of a series which unfolds sequentially, going deeper and deeper. Various materials and processes are utilized and designed in response to the individual’s needs and quest. No art experience necessary.
Guide: Margaret Lindsey, MFA


the greening

the greening

conscious art practice       

shifting consciousness: Kinesthetic meditation and guided art practices

In these group sessions, art practices or art games usually follow a guided meditation experience with floor mandalas or other tangible focal points. This induces natural non-ordinary states, which often awaken deep sensing states, allowing access to innate knowledge. Participants experience expanded states of mind, and shifts in consciousness, during which they connect with information within and without, information which may not normally conscious or readily available. Art materials could include: pastels and paper, markers on canvas, colored pencils on paper. Longer sessions can include paint or clay. Materials are included. Groups supply their own snacks and beverages.
For groups of 4-24. 1.5 -4 hour sessions. No art experience necessary.
Facilitator: Margaret Lindsey, MFA


the "I am wall"

the "I am wall"

Team-building with Process Art

Expressive artmaking as a tool for connection and inquiry

Team-building activities usually involve a sequence of artmaking and guided activities, custom-designed to create a forum for playful member interaction and inquiry within a community or company. The activities are designed to respond to the size, nature, and intentions of the group. Processes may include guided meditations, intention work (individual and group), pairs and group work, and large circle work. Groups could choose to walk a labyrinth as part of their process. Materials might include any of the following: acrylic paint, pastels, clay, markers, colored pencils. No art experience necessary.
Appropriate for groups of 5-75. Suggested session is 3.5 hours, or 6 hours with a lunch break. Materials are included. Groups supply their own snacks and beverages.
Facilitator: Margaret Lindsey, MFA


Expressive Painting
Group Experience

Evening artplay for adults

This is a playful way for a group of friends, co-workers or family to spend time with each other while creating, conversing, and sharing ideas. The painting process is usually about 2.5-3 hours, and can be customized to the needs of the group. Guided activities get the process humming, then participants create freely during remaining time, with mentoring from Margaret. Groups usually enjoy their own snacks and beverages throughout the evening. All materials included. Facilitator: Margaret Lindsey, MFA



Journey to Center      

A series of 6 or more creative mandala explorations

A sequence of 6 or more sessions includes various unique experiential meditations with different world mandala traditions, followed by directed expressive art practices. The mandala (sacred circle) is a prime universal symbol, appearing and in continuous use in virtually all cultures. Mandalas are used for offerings, as icons and yantras, as narratives, as healing tools, gateways and portals. They have been used for millennia as primal centering tools for organizing or re-patterning physical and mental structures, and as specific tools for healing. The mandala series is most potent when experienced as a group.
No art experience necessary. All materials included.
Facilitator: Margaret Lindsey, MFA

soul card by Ahmayo Bohm

soul card by Ahmayo Bohm

Soul Symbol Rising

Opening to the invisible: The Art of Symbolic Process

Symbolic Process is a template of focused creative practice and artmaking, providing ways to access the universe of symbols. To complete the process, this template generally involves at least 20+ hours of guided instruction and artmaking, combined with 50+ hours of individual artmaking.
Symbolic Process awakens the relationship between an individual and her world, opens doorways into the universe of symbols, and connects the artmaker to the art, wisdom and knowledge of invisible worlds.
Designed for groups of 2-24 who wish to delve deeply into art as a process for awakening the innate knowing within themselves. Art experience helpful.
Facilitators: Margaret Lindsey, MFA and Ahymayo Bohm, PhD


About the facilitators for this work:

Margaret Lindsey, MFA, is a life-long artist, educator, creativity coach and facilitator who defines “art” as a creative action taken, as a quest. Margaret’s approach to creativity and consciousness begins with the belief that as more aspects of a person’s being are engaged with while learning and healing, the more likely it is that transformation of consciousness can occur. When people actively create while sourcing themselves holistically, they are essentially engaging in creative cross-training. Quantum change occurs when the entire being is involved: the somatic, emotional, cognitive and meditative aspects of self.Using creative process, she invites her clients and students to drop deep within themselves, to inquire authentically, and to express what has meaning and passion in their lives, within the framework of a safe, supportive, guided environment. Her graduate seminars have included Art and Symbolic Process, Mandala, Art as a Spiritual Practice, Process Painting, and Transformative Art Teaching Practicum. Contact:

Ahmayo Bohm, PhD. EDUCARÉ: (to draw out what naturally pre- exists) is both her passion and call. According to Ahmayo, everything Speaks to her revealing the sacred threads that weave life's tapestry of inter-connectedness. Art, Theology, Transpersonal Psychology, Extra- ordinary States of Consciousness, Women's Wisdom and Cross Cultural Symbolism enrich her work. Being able to "see" the wind keeps her profoundly connected with nature.   Contact: