Conscious art practice with the Flower of LIfe

Flower of LIfe: acrylic on unprimed canvas, 6' ©2019 Lindsey

For me, the Flower of Life is a sort of a coming home—I am coming to a place where I belong. When I am making a drawing or a painting of the Flower-of-Life, I feel in synch with life, like everything around me is exactly as it should be. During the time I spend within the form, whether meditating, painting or doing personal healing, I have no other thought process, just that feeling of wellness. Why wouldn’t I want to make and mediate with these forms again and again?! Interestingly, every single FOL piece I’ve ever painted has been sold, except my large 6-foot floor mandala, which isn’t for sale. People always seem to want to want one for their space, whether they know anything about the form or not. There seems to be a yearning for it.

The Flower of Life geometry, which has been recorded by the human hand for about as long as the labyrinth has been appearing in our tapestries and earthworks—about 4000 years or so—is described as being a diagram of the miracle of life. It is an illustration of creation, and describes the first round of cell divisions for all warm-blooded creatures. It is an iteration of the Tree of Life, including all that well-known iconography connotes. The form begins to grow with the vesica piscis, which is sort of a visual haiku of the concept of sacred union, and is also a relational diagram known and used in Greek and Western art. The Flower has been found etched in stone, has even appeared in crop circles, and has been noodled around with by luminaries such as Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

In modern folks put stickers of it on their cars, get it beautifully tatooed on their bodies, and wear it as a pendant. Whether we are drawing, painting, meditating with it, or wearing it, we’ve entered that collective field, we’re entraining with that particular archetype, and what’s there is ancient and rich. In general, as a meditation device, I’ve observed and experienced it as quite benign. It doesn’t seem to transport people to any one particular place. Instead, it seems to be a doorway for the consciousness to travel into zones where the individual can access whatever information or healing they needing at that time. People return from a Flower-of-Life experience refreshed and positive, as a generality.