why make art?

Why paint, sing, write, dance, act?

•     to know our own knowing, to engage fully with what we are learning

•     as inquiry: to investigate issues and express solutions/opinions about them

•     to express our feelings and personal responses to the world around us

•     for joy, and because the world needs beauty

•     to interact with community to create social change

•     to celebrate, mourn, pray, and heal: individually, and collaboratively

•     to connect with spirit

•     to transform consciousness, to understand

•     to problem-solve creatively

•     to develop kinesthetic intelligence

•     to develop empathy and perspective on the human condition

Try meditating with the Metratron's Cube that accompanies this post.
Let me know what happens.

The original is 24" x 24", acrylic on unprimed canvas, completed 9/2014